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We provide Support, Resources, and Referrals for women experiencing symptoms of pre- or postpartum mood disorders

(Our program supports dads, partners, and caregivers too.)

Symptoms may include distressing feelings or thoughts that arise during or after pregnancy, miscarriage, ending a pregnancy, or stopping breastfeeding.

Whether your symptoms are mild, moderate, or severe we are here to help

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If left untreated, pre- and postpartum mood disorders (PPMD) can have significant negative effects on your health and well-being, on your relationships, and on your baby’s health and development.

What to expect when you call

Immediate 24/7 Support

All callers receive immediate, compassionate support from a trained mental health professional when they connect.

*Interpreter services are available

Personal Attention & Care

We’ll talk to you about what you are feeling, and what you have been going through, and together we’ll figure out what kinds of support and resources you need to start feeling better. We’ll also help you figure out how to overcome any barriers that may prevent you from getting the care you need, like insurance, time constraints, childcare, and transportation.


Based on your personal needs and comfort level, we will provide you with referrals for one or more of the following options for support, screening, diagnosis, and treatment:

  • Support Groups
    Referrals to groups near you or online
  • Psychotherapy
    Referrals to specialized counseling services

If it is determined that medications are an appropriate course of action for your treatment, your provider will assist you with that.

Is pre- or postpartum support for you?

If you are pregnant, a new mom, have miscarried, ended a pregnancy, or have recently stopped breastfeeding, answer the following questions. Any of these symptoms could indicate that you are experiencing a pregnancy related mood disorder.

If you answer YES to any, NJ Postpartum support is for you.

  • Are you feeling sad or depressed for more than two weeks?
  • Do you feel more irritable or angry with those around you?
  • Are you having difficulty bonding with your baby?
  • Do you feel anxious or panicky?
  • Are you having problems with eating or sleeping?
  • Are you having upsetting thoughts that you can’t get out of your mind?
  • Do you feel as if you are “out of control” or “going crazy”?
  • Do you feel like you never should have become a parent?
  • Are you worried that you might hurt your baby or yourself?

Still have questions?